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Maderotherapy in translation means ‘DRVET therapy’. It originates from Colombia and is a massage technique in the group of anti-cellulite massages and lymphatic drainage. It is performed by specially designed wooden devices exclusively by a trained therapist.

Maderotherapy affects the removal of cellulite:
1) by removing the excess lymphoma and accelerating the lymphatic: thus better removing toxins from the body and accelerating the overall metabolism, reducing the excess fluid pressure on the blood vessels, improving tissue nutrition.
2) Mechanical action on fatty tissue: breaking down the fatty cell membrane and permanently reducing their number in the subcutaneous tissue
3) acceleration of circulation: maderotherapy intensively accelerates circulation to eliminate the main cause of cellulite formation. Combination of devices, their specific design, perfectly designed technique make maderotherapy a specific and highly effective anti-cellulite technique that for a shorter period of time achieves the results of long-lasting series of classic manual anti-cellulite massage. Also, it does not lead to tissue injury, and therefore the “jo-yo” effect is avoided.

Maderotherapy as a stand-alone technique is a very successful but also ideal ‘preparation of terrain’ for the application of cosmetic preparations for reducing fat deposits and tensing of the skin. Accelerating circulation increases the penetration of active ingredients. By eliminating the lymph, a more effective effect of the active substances is achieved – more concentrated on the tissue than in the tissue surrounded by the lymph. Mechanical action on the fatty cell membrane helps the active ingredients to affect the oily cell.

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