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Oriana Perković completed school for beauticians in Pula 1979th year. She was employed as a lecturer in practical classes in the same school, where she remained untill 1981. when she opened her own beauty salon “Beautiful” in a department store Pula. With further work she trained and attend various conferences and beauty schools in various European cities from Zagreb, Bologna, via Munich all the way to London, where she further perfected her skills and have receive recognition and awards from the world’s experts in cosmetology. Since 2001. year she is at a new address lounges renamed “Beauty Center Oriana”, where she remains today with her team.

For more than 30 years they use the cutting methods in the field of medical cosmetics, with a particular emphasis on both the standard and the specific laser treatments, slimming and anti-cellulite treatmans, or removing wrinkles treatmans and tightening loose skin on the face and resolve problem skin and acne.

The primary goal was an absolute pleasure from clients who achieve success by combining years of experience, continuous professional development and the latest technological advances of modern cosmetology and individual approach, high hygiene standards and maximum flexibility in adjusting the term.

Therefore, our friendly and high educated staff takes each client special attention – from a detailed analysis of personal profiles and specific needs to the continuous monitoring of the progress and results of treatment – all to help each of our treatment into a unique, personalized experience that will fully meet expectations and requirements of our clients.


Oriana team



Oriana Perković
Oriana Perković Suzana Špoljarić Amela Horvat


During the years of experience and training through a variety of certificate programs, team Beauty Center Oriana got several awards for excellence in their work. Below you can see some pictures of the certificates and diplomas from various conferences and training programs.

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